Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Brad Pitt Marriage With Angelina

As the increasingly daddy-fied Brad Pitt told People magazine yesterday, he finds it "encouraging" that New York just made it legal for same-sex couples to marry. And Brad and his baby mama, Angelina Jolie, are, of course, famous for saying they won't marry until gays can, remember?

But then on the other hetero-teasing hand, Brad announced earlier that his kids keep asking when mom and dad are going to get hitched, already. "It's something we've got to look at," the 47-year-old hunk ‘fessed.

So which is it? Will Brad and Angie wait for all 50 United States to ratify gay marriage before they wed themselves, or will their kids win out before then?

"The thing is with Brad," says one of his closet friends, a confidante who's known Pitt since he became famous, "you just don't know, especially since he got together with [Angelina]."

We asked the Pitt source why Brad and Angelina don't just get married if they and their kids want to get married. Could it be they're playing the public with this gay-marriage stuff a bit?

"Probably," answered the hunk's pal, "but like I said, you just don't know with Brad."

Well, one thing's for sure: If Brad and Angie have reasons for not wanting to marry, but in the meantime, are saying it's all about waiting for gay marriage to get legal, that's a damn good (and noble) white lie.

Either that or this is Brad's way of saying he's saving himself for George Clooney.


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