Friday, 29 July 2011

Is There a Scandal Brewing at Project Runway

After about a month of looking at Heidi Klum's naked body in promos, the ninth season of Project Runway is here!

The show starts off with 20 contestants and right away sent four of them packing, leaving 16 interesting characters to continue with the series.

One newbie stood out the most, not only because she is a new competitor on the new season, but because she's new to the whole sewing game!

When showing some of her work, Anya from Trinidad got some skeptical reviews from the judges when she shared that she received some help with her stitching and had learned how to sew only four months prior.

"I'm horrified. You are, handicapped, in a matter of speaking, by not having the sewing skills to execute the work," Tim Gunn told her.

Well, we found out for sure after the first challenge, which was titled "Come as you are" and had contestants brightly awakened at 5 a.m. by Mr. Sunshine himself, Gunn, who instructed them to stay in their pajamas and bring a bed sheet.

Totally weird, right? Well here's the catch...

These were the only materials they had to work with in making their garments (good thing no one slept naked).

We were anticipating to see Anya break down and crumble since her alleged accomplice was no where to be found, but the girl really wowed us.

Using her "kimono-esque" night gown and bed sheet, she made a two-piece outfit that consisted of a small wrapped halter top and draped pants.

Mind you, the girl had never sewn pants or silk material, draped, or dyed fabric, and yet she ended up being one of the top three chosen by the judging panel (which included Christina Ricci this week)!

Nina Garcia called her work "extraordinary," while Klum kept it simple by saying, "I'm happy to see you can sew."

Whether it's beginner's luck or sheer natural talent, we won't find out until we see her creations in upcoming challenges.


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