Saturday, 23 July 2011

Celebrities React on Amy Winehouse Death

Amy Winehouse passed away tragically at the age of 27 Saturday in London. As fans and celebrities alike continue to pay tribute to the late singer via Twitter and Facebook, E! News takes a look back at the rise and fall of the uber-talented, soulful-crooning Brit. 

The death of singer Amy Winehouse was stunning news for sure to music fans around the world on Saturday, but given Winehouse’s long history with drug and alcohol abuse, there was always a lingering thought that a day like this might come at some point.

To dive a bit deeper into what may have led Winehouse to a life of substance abuse and what it might mean to others in her situation, Celebuzz spoke with Passages Malibu Rehab CEO (and former addict himself) Pax Prentiss, who told us that the real question isn’t what Winehouse was taking when she died, but what type of internal pain she was suffering that led her to a life of binging.

Amy Winehouse’s problems with drugs and alcohol were very public. What could she have done to better help herself.

It was no secret that talented and gifted Amy Winehouse had a dependency on drugs and alcohol. Sometimes the most talented people are also the most sensitive, which is why we see them turn to drugs and alcohol. 

Amy was one of these people, talented yes, could be a bit crazy at times, but sensitive to the world around her. She was likely suffering on the inside, and drugs and alcohol was her way of escaping the pain.

The big question is, what was her pain? No one knows exactly, but we can be assured there was something. Songs like “Rehab” were a sign post to the world, and a way of her releasing the pent up emotions that were building inside of her.


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