Saturday, 25 June 2011

Jennifer Aniston Gets Naughty

Could this be another case of good girl gone bad?

We adore Jennifer Aniston for all her Good Girl niceness (trust us, Rachel Greene and her so-trendy tresses will always have a special place in our hearts), but it seems like Jen's flirting with the dark side these days—and we think it's delish!

We gotta wonder tho if Jen's newest dude, Justin Theroux, is behind this nice-to-naughty transformation. Could his bad boy charm be rubbing off on our fave babe?

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Cause Jenny seems to be extra spicy these days—and we're not the only ones who think so!

"She's naughtier now that she's been in years!" A source close to J.A. spills. "She is noticeably more fun and open and sassier than the Jen everyone is used to."

The uber-tight twosome have been stuck at each other's hip lately and Jen even had her latest BF in tow for a recent appearance on Inside the Actor's Studio.

While it wasn't J.T. that Jen listed as her biggest "turn on" while chatting with host James Lipton—it was shoes, FYI—things seem to be getting more and more serious with her motocycle ridin', leather boots wearing costar-turned-BF.

First it was H'wood parties with her gal pals and now she's showing him off on the tele…

Guess we'll have to start thinking of a celeb couple nickname, huh? Any suggestions?

Jen even fessed to E!'s very own Cat Sadler that she's been spending more time in New York lately (which is Justin's regular stomping grounds, for those not in the know) and now considers herself "bi-coastal."

But back to the bad girl biz:

Case in point: when asked by Lipton what she things God will stay when she shows up at the pearly gates of Heaven, Jen joked, "Never thought I'd see you here!"

Please! Like He would ever refuse America's Sweetheart.

Of course, J will be getting completely devilish in her new flick Horrible Bosses, in which she plays a way horny and completely inappropriate dentist. And Jennifer was more than psyched to ditch her rom com cutesiness.

"I never get to play that girl!" She spills to the Actor's Studio of the tres untradish role.

And if that weren't enough to initiate her into the bad girls club, Jen has made a permanent change: some fresh ink. Jen's reps confirmed to Life & Style that the babe got tatted for the first time—and we're sure Justin and his handful of tattoos has something to do with it.

A new bad boy BF, an uber-naughty role, and some permanent ink to boot—it's a whole new Jen.

Get on with your bad self, girl!


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