Saturday, 27 August 2011

Five Most Spectacular Summer Movie

Did Justin Timberlake fail to break bigger with Friends With Benefits? Did X-Men: First Class come up on the smallish side?

Big, fiery bombs don't fall along the margins. Like the following summer-movie-season flameouts, they detonate—and impress—in full view: 

1. Green Lantern: Who lost more here? The studio that spent $200 million (at least) on a film that still hasn't made that much worldwide? Ryan Reynolds, who, thanks to this flick and The Change-Up, is one strike away from being out? Actually, our money's on Sinestro, who seemed totally geeked for a sequel.

2. Cowboys & Aliens: Jon Favreau's film "kicked ass" at 2010 Comic Con, which should have been the giveaway. The scary-bad bottom line: $163 million budget; $108 million worldwide gross—and not much love all-around.

3. Pixar's bulletproof shield: It's full of holes after critics shot up Cars 2.

4. Critics' opinions: Granted, nobody's taken them seriously since forever (see: Cars 2's box-office success), but have they ever been more blatantly ignored than this summer? Name one reviewer who didn't think The Hangover Part II was the SAME MOVIE as The Hangover. Now, name one guy in line at a multiplex who cared. In any case, the critics were wrong. The movies weren't the same. Part II made more money.    

5. Glee: The 3D Concert Movie: Here's who didn't get the last spot on our list: Mel Gibson. Did The Beaver do anything? No, it did less than nothing. But, unlike that offbeat movie from a tarnished star, semi-big things were expected of Glee's big-screen debut. When the film didn't open in a manner becoming Hannah Montana (or the Jonas Brothers), the franchise suffered a very public fall—and, perhaps harshest of all, took blame for the (ongoing) death of 3-D.


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