Thursday, 7 July 2011

Jennifer Aniston Taking a Year Break

We're going to miss this gorgeous face. 

Have a great vacation, Jen. Don't forget to send us a postcard.

The source said:  "Jen's taking a year off from work to enjoy herself."

Just when Jennifer Aniston finally begins to shed of that good girl image with her raunchy role in Horrible Bosses comes word that she's looking to take a break from working.

Like a yearlong break!

US Weekly is reporting that the Friends star has purposely cleared her schedule except for the October release of Wanderlust so she can take some time to simply "enjoy herself."

Will we really not be seeing Ms. Aniston working on any new projects until next summer?

We wonder if her new boyfriend, Justin Theroux, might have anything to do with this.

He seems to be making her the happiest we've seen her in ages and, while she didn't flaunt him on the red carpet at the recent LA premiere of Horrible Bosses, she did show him off at the after-party.

According to sources, the pair then went off to Chateau Marmont to meet up with Cougar Town star Courteney Cox and some other pals.

A nosy onlooker told People magazine: "They were super cute. He had his arm around her and kissed her on her cheek. They were whispering in each other's ears."

We reckon Jen deserves a break - take a look below at the hardest-working actress in Hollywood.

This rumor not accurate.

"She is not taking a year off. That is a huge exaggeration," Aniston's rep tells me. "She always intended to take a few months off after finishing Wanderlust and directing her short film [about breast cancer for an upcoming Lifetime special] since she has basically been working nonstop for a few years straight. She is looking at some projects that would start in the winter."


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