Friday, 19 August 2011

Lindsay Lohan Invited to Kim Kardashian Wedding

Among the A-Listers who attended the black-and-white-themed shower were Demi Lovato, Sharon Osbourne, and even Lindsay Lohan! According to insiders, the soiree featured plenty of sweets and Mediterranean food for the guests to sample, and afforded its attendees with ample girl-bonding time.

It's been a busy week for Lindsay Lohan, but not because she's getting into trouble.

Quite the opposite actually. Linds has been rather productive, signing up for her court-mandated counseling and jetting to NYC, where she spent last weekend.

And, earlier today, flying into L.A. with mom Dina to attend certain someone's nuptials tomorrow.

Yes, Lindsay is one of many famous folks with a golden ticket to Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kris Humphries in Montecito, Calif., on Saturday.

"Dina and Kris are good friends and Kim and Lindsay and Kim have known each other forever," a Lohan insider tells E! News.

Let's just hope she continues to be on her best behavior at the reception, right?

If the past week was anything to go by, she will be.

During her scene-making in Gotham, my spies didn't see her knocking back bottomless mimosas or anything, so good for her. Everyone knows a boozy brunch in Manhattan is really tough to resist.

She also logged some time in L.A. this week for a photo shoot, where she got to go surfing. So she's not back to feature-length films, but it's step in the right direction, huh?

This week's Party Foul certainly wasn't going in the right direction...or in the right place. Yes, the dishonor goes to Gerard Depardieu, a chunky Golden Globe-winning Frenchman whose movies I've never seen, but who made headlines this week for peeing on a plane.


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