Thursday, 4 August 2011

Taylor Swift Sings "Lose Your Self"

Despite being America’s sweetheart and a country/pop star phenomenon, it’s quite clear Taylor Swift is a fan of rap. Collaborating with T-Pain, publicly saying she loves Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass”, 50 Cent’s music, and now – she covers a classic, Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”. With a guitar in hand, she goes into the song with much crowd support from the crowd before transitioning into Uncle Kracker’s “Smile”. Word to Socialite Life for posting this one. Taylor Swift recently swung through Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she performed at the Van Andel Arena. And as is customary with the blonde pop-country chirpstress on her Speak Now 2011 tour, she sat down with her guitar and paid homage to local artists. 

Her songs of choice on this particular night: fellow Grammy winner Eminem’s 2002 8 Mile jam “Lose Yourself” and Uncle Kracker’s 2009 hit “Smile.” Marvel at Tay’s rapping, and repeated utterance of “yo,” below

Even if Eminem's lyrics are saying something like "I love you," he raps it in such an angry way that any affection is pretty lost. That's the way Eminem is, we know, but sometimes we would like to hear a softer side to his songs—and now we can!

Cutie-patootie Taylor Swift decided to take out her inner thug and cover the hit song "Lose Yourself" during her show in Grand Rapids, Mich., but the gangster vibe didn't really last...

T.Swift punctuated her performance with a random "Yo!" here and there, but that's about as street as the country crooner can get.

Still, Taylor strumming her guitar as she half-raps, half-sings the lyrics is an adorable sight to see. It's also probably the nicest Eminem song we'll ever hear.

Afterward, she hit up a cover of Uncle Kracker's "Smile," which was a bit more her style.


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