Thursday, 16 June 2011

John Prats and Rachelle Ann Go Split Up

John Prats is still denying that he and her girlfriend Rachelle Ann Go are still dating. Until Ms. Toni Gonzaga confirmed on ABS-CBN's weekend showbiz talk show “The Buzz”  that the two couple is indeed split up. Its a very sad news for the fans of John Prats and Rachelle Ann Go.

However Ms. Toni Gonzaga said that the split up is cause by a third party BUT its not the beauty queen Bianca Manalo who is new at the industry.

Ms. Toni Gonzaga clearly said that John Prats and Bianca Manalo are not in a relationship. But they are going out AS A GROUP with the Happy Yipee Yehey! co-hosts. People ask Toni if John Prats is courting Bianca Manalo, as people are speculating. Toni said, that she had a feeling that John is courting Bianca BUT its not confirmed, and we will see.



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