Friday, 29 July 2011

Lady Gaga On Kimmel

In a surrounded by of a useful night in her ultra-successful career, Lady Gaga was greeted by an impressively large entertainment of fans as she exited a Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles upon Thursday dusk (July 28).

Always certain to take caring of her constant fans, Gaga had food brought out to a patiently watchful crowd, as she tweeted, “Sending a little yummies to Chateau Monster tummies! we consider if Ethan Hawke hears Edge of Glory a single some-more time we competence be a subsequent to die here.”

Gaga fans who were lucky enough to scoop up entry to her performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live got a double-dose of Mama Monster on Thursday night, as she blasted through two of her biggest tunes from her new Born This Way album.

The Lady did a brief interview on Kimmel, sporting an edgy British-fascinator-gone-goth hat that spelled out “Gaga.” After her interview, in which she told a tale about how she dodged the media after the Grammys one year, cranked out a killer two-song performance in front of a crowd of thousands. First up was the stirring ballad “You and I,” which was followed up with a blast of energy with a piano-top rendition of “Edge of Glory.”

It’s been a press whirlwind for Gaga this week in Los Angeles. She was a judge on So You Think You Can Dance on Wednesday evening and has otherwise been painting the town red, black and every other color with a massive amount of wardrobe changes.


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