Thursday, 16 June 2011

Justin Bieber Twitter 10 million followers

Justin Bieber has finally got 10 million followers on his Twitter Account.

"10 Million and growing...and everyday I will make the effort to show appreciation. #neverchanging #ILOVEMYFANS"

Justin Beiber is just 17 years old and he has beaten both Barack Obama as well as Britney Spears and his followers are still growing rapidly:

It is a record to be remember for such a young age to reach 10 million fans on his twitter account, and its still growing!. It shows how popular JUSTIN BIEBER is.

The twitter follower of Justin Bieber began growing last year 2010. Maybe because of the pictures of him with Selena Gomez while they are in vacation in Hawaii. Those pictures spread through internet and got lots of reactions. The photos of them triggered the fan frenzy instantly.

However Lady Gaga has more followers compare to Justin Bieber. Lady Gaga has more than 10.5 million Twitter followers. Lets see if Justin Bieber can catch up with Lady Gaga


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