Saturday, 6 August 2011

Emma Watson

If there's one thing Emma Watson doesn't need to worry about, it's her career.

After appearing in the über-successful Harry Potter flicks (we're talking record-breaking success, people), Emma isn't hurting for big-screen opportunities. But what about that personal life of hers?

The starlet has stayed pretty quiet about her off-set affairs in the past, so we were slightly shocked to hear Emma open up in the latest issue of Company magazine about… Babies?!

That's right. But don't get your wizard-lovin' panties in a twist, Emma isn't going to be a mama anytime soon.

"I have very strong family values and I definitely hope that will be in my future," Emma revealed when asked about marriage and kids. "I can't wait to be a mum and have my own family one day."

But before she can start popping out offspring, the still-single gal needs to land a man. So what does she look for in her potential suitors?

"Kindness, good manners, intelligence, confidence and someone who can make me laugh," she spilled. "On a superficial level, I don't have a ‘type'. You could line up photographs of all the guys I've dated and they look totally different. You won't believe me but it really is more to do with their personalities rather than looks."

There is one handsome Hollywood guy that we're sure she wouldn't mind cozying up to. Unfortunately he happens to be way older... And married!

"I got really starstruck when I met Matt Damon," Emma tells the magazine. "I mean, obviously, he's someone you would get starstruck by but I've met people more famous than he is and been absolutely fine. But with him I got all giggly and went red with embarrassment."

Adorable! And even though it won't work out with Mr. Damon, Emma reveals a hidden talent of hers that might just end up proving helpful in finding a BF:

"I'm very good at ping-pong! Yep, I love Ping-Pong. Is that surprising enough?"

‘Cause, you know what they say… The quickest way to a man's heart is through table tennis!


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