Friday, 15 July 2011

Lindsey Lohan Wants Natali Portman's Oscar

Partygirl and occasional actress Lindsay Lohan, 25, recently told a reporter in Miami that she was envious of Oscar winner Natalie Portman‘s role in Black Swan, and apparently Lohan is disappointed she didn’t get the role.

The confession came on the set of a photoshoot for Plum Miami magazine, which took place in May before the house arrest that has contributed to her lack of film or television work for the past year. While Lohan posed for the magazine, she refused to allow the magazine’s writer to interview her. Instead, the journalist wrote an unflattering profile about Lohan’s behavior during the photoshoot

Should every young actress who ever took ballet lessons have gotten a crack at Natalie Portman's Oscar-winning role in Black Swan?

Apparently, yes, according to Lindsay Lohan.

In a new cover story about La Lohan by Jacquelynn Powers for Plum Magazine, the mag writes, "Frustrated with the state of her career, Lohan said she 'took ballet until she was 19 and was indignant that she was not considered for the movie Black Swan.' "

Uh yeah, right. Maybe if Black Swan took place in a nightclub or a courthouse?

Aside from the crack career comments, Plum also wrote about Lohan's diva behavior on set, which allegedly included swigging wine and picking fights.

We spoke to LiLo's rep, who gave us some reactions to stories Plum is so busy telling

And per usual, Linds is blaming everyone but herself!

"The Black Swan comments were completely blown out of proportion," LiLo's rep, Steve Honig, tells us. "And Lindsay was not drinking on set. The overall picture they painted of the situation is not representative of what actually occurred, tons of things were taken out of context. It felt like a setup."

Honig would not specify further. Wonder why?

But Powers explains in her article, a lot didn't go as planned the day of the cover shoot in Miami. So after the mag blasted the starlet, what did Linds have to say for herself and her diva behavior?

"More than a month later and out of nowhere, Plum apparently decided to launch a campaign to publicize the issue with Lindsay on the cover and felt the best way to sell magazines was provide a negative and inaccurate accounting of what actually happened," claims Honig, on L.L.'s behalf.

Yeah, sure, but why is it always someone else's fault when it comes to Linds?

Indeed, Powers says Linds was a total brat when it came to their professional partnership.

"As we pulled up to the Fontainebleau, a bright-orange parking cone was blocking the entrance. Not accustomed to waiting, apparently, she lowered the car's window and shouted, 'Move that cone. I'm Lindsay Lohan,' " Powers recalls in the article. "And it was done."

And even after an uncooperative day of shooting, the actress continued to cause trouble for the Plum team.

"Monday morning was supposed to be check-out time, but Lindsay and her posse refused to leave," Powers wrote. "It was like watching the lights come on at a nightclub afterhours—not pretty."

Is this what's become of Lohan, the young actress who was once expected to follow in the footsteps of Meryl Streep but who now seems more intent on copying Tila Tequila?

It's a rhetorical question. No press-release answers required.


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