Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Kris Humphries Groom of Kim Kardashian

Kris Humphries is most notably known for being the fiance of Kim Kardashian, but he's got a real career, too. He's an NBA forward for the New Jersey Nets. Yes, the basketball team has had some struggles in the past few seasons, but here's a rundown about this guy Kim Kardashian has fallen for. 

Kris Born February 6, 1985 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His father, Williams Humphries, was a football player for the University of Minnesota. Kris originally excelled in swimming, and competed nationally, losing only to Michael Phelps. Kris still holds the record for the 50M freestyle for boys under 10, but gave up swimming at 12 to pursue basketball.

In 04, Kris was drafted by the Utah Jazz as the 14th pick. He spent two seasons with the Jazz, until he was traded to the Raptors. He helped lead the Raptors to their first division title and in '07 he had seven rebounds in 27 minutes against the Miami Heat a career record. In 2009, Kris was traded to the Dallas Mavericks, and then again in 2010 to the New Jersey Nets.

We all know tons about Kim Kardashian thanks to her E! reality show, blog and Twitter, but what do we know about the guy she's marrying a week from Saturday?

Of course it's common knowledge he's an NBA basketballer and that's he's really tall (6'9" to be exact!). But there's more to him than meets the eye.

1. Swimming Used to Be His Big Sport. He's known for his moves on the court these days, but Kris first achieved major sports success in the pool. He broke national records and even competed against future Olympian Michael Phelps, but gave up swimming at age 12 to pursue basketball instead. Looks like that worked out pretty well for him!

2. He Ditched College to Play in the NBA. While attending his dad's alma mater, the University of Minnesota, Kris left after freshman year when he was drafted by the Utah Jazz to play professional basketball.

3. Giving Back is Important. In addition to regularly attending charity events, he has his very own philanthropic effort, The Kris Humphries Foundation, which focuses on providing support and resources to disadvantaged youth. Kris and his charity conduct basketball and educational clinics with the YMCA and Boys and Girls Club of New Jersey and Minnesota to teach kids about healthy eating and staying active.

4. The Letter 'K' Runs in His Family, Too. Just like the Kardashians! Kris has two older sisters named Kaela and Krystal. What do you think the odds are that he and Kim will have K-named babies?

5. He's Got Eclectic Musical Tastes. The athlete favors old-school music as well as current popular stuff. "Right now on my iPod, I like a little Marvin Gaye, a little Earth, Wind and Fire. But I also like Lil Wayne. I'm diverse in my music," he said recently.

6. Kris Loves to Make a Big Splash. Mr. Humphries' favorite way to relax is boating and spending time on the water. During the nearlyweds 4th of July trip to Lake Minnetonka, Kim showed off her Jet Ski skills, earning props from her fiance.

7. He Hasn't Played Hoops With Lamar Odom.Yet. Kris has yet to play a pick-up game with Khloé's hubby. "I've been competing against him for years and he's a cool dude," Kris said, "It's been kind of a slow process but everything happens in time. We haven't played basketball with each other yet. Maybe someone will be there to capture that moment." Like E! camera crews, perhaps? Ya think?

8. He's Got a Good Body. Don't believe us? Check out this shirtless photo shoot he did for GQ in June. As if Kim would really pick a guy who wasn't ripped, right?

9. He's an Animal Lover. Kris owns two small dogs, a Yorkshire terrier named Gizmo and a miniature pinscher named Brodi. Hopefully, they'll play nicely with Kim's boxer pup Rocky, who she got from her ex Reggie Bush.

10. He Threw Down Some Serious Bucks for Her Bling. Kris mades $3.2 million last year under his contract with the New Jersey Nets, and Kim's 20.5 karat engagement ring cost a cool $2 million bucks. What a generous guy!


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