Monday, 4 July 2011

Andi Eingenmnn Confirms Albie Casino is the Father of Her Baby

Actress Andi Eigenmann confirm and denies that Jake Ejercito her former boyfriend, son of former President Joseph Estrada, is not the father of her baby.

On Thursday, Andi confirmed in her twitter account that Albie Casino is the father of her unborn child. The young actor Albie Casino was the first sweetheart of Andi.

We watch him every night at ABS-CBN Kapamilya Channel and I never had any idea or whatsoever about Albie Casino.

This is what Andi post on her twitter account....
For your better understanding, I've only had one boyfriend before Jake whom I've only been seeing for the past 2 months. Therefore, Jake cannot be the said ex-boyfriend whom everyone has been talking about. #commonsense ” she said.

No need for DNA testing. Albie is the father!

In the part of Albie's family they welcome the DNA test to know if Albie is the possible father of Andi's baby. Eigenmann is 4 months pregnant, but her camp refuses to divulge the identity of her child's father.

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