Wednesday, 13 July 2011

ASAP Can Do Without Martin Nievera

MARTIN NIEVERA says he’s a fan of Sarah Geronimo. “We’re together in ASAP and her voice is really awesome.

The Concert King said Pop Star Princess Sarah Geronimo has nothing to do with his recent absence in ABS-CBN's Sunday noontime show "ASAP Rocks."

Nievera's 29th anniversary celebration in ASAP did not push through last Sunday after he failed to show up.

In his official Twitter account, Nievera said Sarah's comeback had nothing to do with his absence.

@lyannekeith04 it never was about Sarah. I have the highest respect and love for her," Martin said via Twitter.

He added: "Maybe my sadness stems from the reality that ASAP can do without me. I see it for myself. It's a sad, happy pain."

Geronimo returned to ASAP last Sunday after a month-long leave to study dance and singing abroad.

Nievera posted the following tweets after failing to appear in the show last Sunday.

"u wanna know the sad truth? only if u have a persistent manager can u get the treatment u wish u had."

"loyalty, faithfulness, being there from the 1st day, NONE of this matters. all u need is a loud demanding manager."

"its better to be a diva pala..."


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