Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton Moving Into Diana's Home

Every newlywed knows how exciting it is to find your first home as a married couple. Prince William and Kate Middleton already lived together before getting hitched, but they still need to find a place to call their very own marital abode -- and it must be fit for a new princess, of course! 

Having tied the knot and captured the attention of the world, the newlywed royal is finally getting around to moving out of his parent's house, as he and Kate Middleton have settled on a new home base while in London.

The duo will be setting up shop in one of the apartments of Kensington Palace, the Hyde Park-enclosed home that William and Prince Harry grew up in, as it was the notorious former residence of his late mother Princess Diana.

Their main home will be in Anglesey, North Wales while William is still an RAF Search and Rescue helicopter pilot.   If William graduates to captain in the RAF, it will allow him to take the lead controls of the Sea King helicopter more regularly.

While the couple still plans to keep their cozy little cottage close to William's job as a helicopter search and rescue pilot, their new abode in London will be a luxe apartment at Kensington Palace -- the very place where Princes William and Harry were raised by their mother, the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

"The couple's official London residence will temporarily become a property at Kensington Palace," a spokesman for St. James's Palace said.

"A number of options for longer-term solutions are still being considered. The couple's main home will continue to be their house on Anglesey, and their Household Office will continue to be based at St. James's Palace."

What's this temporarily business? Up until now, the couple has been staying at an apartmen the apartment they are taking on is a bit small -- just two bedrooms -- and with all the entertaining the couple is expected to do, that's just not enough space.

The apartment in which they'll be staying has only two bedrooms, which apparently just won't do. Why not? Well, as their royal duties increase, so too will the demands on their time and (here's the rub) space, with the couple expected to regularly host meetings, entertain VIPs and do all manner of royal things at their home. Add to that the presumption that a family of their own isn't that far away on the horizon, and two bedrooms begins to sound almost unfeasible.

"The property in question at Kensington Palace into which the couple are temporarily moving is small," a spokesman said. "While it more than suffices for occasional visits to London for now, and the royal couple are very grateful for it, the Duke and Duchess are considering options for a more permanent official London residence. No suitable properties are currently available."

Possibly up for grabs? Diana's very own space, Kensington Palace apartments eight and nine, which are currently undergoing a nearly $20 million renovation expected to be completed next year. Just in time for Kate to hang her Duke and Duchess of Cambridge sign on the bell!

It's unclear when, exactly, moving day will take place, though it will likely occur after or even as the couple is overseas on their Canadian and U.S. tour next month.


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